Environmental Sustainability

Every part of Ceylinco Life’s operations is embedded with principles of sustainability and responsible consumption. All members of our workforce are committed to these principles and remain integrated across all processes and activities. We strive to reduce the direct environmental impact of our operations and contribute towards the sustainable use of natural resources and preserving our planet for future generations.

To this end, we:

  • Ensure all new buildings are constructed using green building principles.
  • Continue to monitor, measure and minimise our footprint by managing energy, water consumption and waste.
  • Set up a “Green Club” of volunteers from all departments who are responsible for executing environmental sustainability-related projects.

Ceylinco Life environmental initiatives were recognised with a Silver Award at the National Business Excellence Awards 2020 for Environmentally Sustainable practices.

Green Building Network

Ceylinco Life’s branch buildings function with features of “green buildings”, including:

  • Use of clean, renewable energy sources. All our green buildings are 100% solar powered with zero electricity consumed from the national grid. Whenever there is sufficient supply, excess electricity is supplied to the national grid.
  • Use of environmentally sustainable materials in construction.
  • Energy-efficient design and systems.
  • Minimum interference and impact on the natural environment.
  • Efficient use of space and resources.
  • Water management and conversation via rainwater harvesting, and construction of new sewerage treatment plants.

Green Club

Ceylinco Life’s Green Club consists of like-minded individuals across departments who are responsible for initiating and executing green activities. Since its inception, Green Club members have spearheaded many initiatives such as the Annual E-Waste Collection Campaign and coordinating the Carbon Footprint Audit. 

Members also play a vital role in creating awareness about the importance of following environmentally friendly practices at work and in the home.