Ceylinco Insurance PLC was registered as a Public Company in 1987 and commenced business on 14th January 1988. Soon after that, the Company started its insurance operations in both Life & General business, having inherited the expertise in insurance acquired by Ceylon Insurance Company Limited. Ceylinco Life is the life insurance arm of Ceylinco Insurance and is located at No. 106, Havelock Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

'To take the message of Life Insurance to every Sri Lankan and provide protection to every family.'

Our Purpose

'To become the most trusted and acclaimed Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka by providing need-based Life Insurance solutions to all our customers and creating successful partnerships with our stakeholders whilst recognizing and rewarding the members of the Ceylinco Life family.'

Our Values

Professionalism - In delivering Life Insurance solutions to meet individual needs. Rewarding - The sales force, staff and customers for their dedication and loyalty. Integrity -In everything we do, individually and collectively.
Dedication -In communicating the importance of Life Insurance to every Sri Lankan. Excellence -In customer service, innovation, product development and in fulfilling our social responsibility


Ceylinco Healthcare Services Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Ceylinco Life which comprise of 3 specialized medical centers

  1. Healthcare Screening Center
  2. Ceylinco Diabetes Center
  3. Radiation treatment Center

Awards & Recognition

While our customers' satisfaction is reward enough, our professionalism, innovation, product development and customer service has been recognised and awarded repeatedly over the years both locally and internationally.

As the No.1 private sector life insurance company in Sri Lanka, we continue to strive to outdo ourselves, challenging our achievements so that we may provide our customers with only the best solutions.

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Investor Relations

Ceylinco Life is listed amongst the top companies in the Colombo Stock Exchange. The company's trust and stability has attracted many investors and as our portfolio grows, so the does the company's value. As Ceylinco Life continues to grow from strength to strength, the promise of profitability grows with it too.

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Ceylinco Life Social Responsibility

Ceylinco Life has remained committed to uplifting underprivileged communities across the country through Ceylinco Life Social Responsibility projects. All these CSR projects make a statement for non-discrimination; have benefited the underprivileged across the racial divide by completely disregarding boundaries of geography, politics, religion and caste.

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Board of Directors

At Ceylinco Life, our dynamic board of directors have diligently set the course for the company's future growth and stability. Their contribution to the company's success, resonates with the outlook of Ceylinco Life and it innovative offerings to Sri Lankans from all corners of the nation.

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The advantage of joining Sri Lanka's most trusted and stable life insurance company means you will automatically have 75 years of expertise behind you. At Ceylinco Life we offer so much more than a career. We offer opportunities for you to learn, experience and grow with a family of professionals towards the pinnacle of success. Comprehensive local and overseas training and attractive packages with incentives await you.

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